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Ever wanted a sub male slave I Am Ready People To Fuck

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Ever wanted a sub male slave

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Waiting for a real woman to hang with waiting for a down to earth chic to enjoy some laughs with have a good time or a fwb what ever comes out of it lmk hmu Ever wanted a sub male slave sooner the better please put favorite animal in subject line to weed spam and bots And hold you so skb and my cowboy would be jumping up at me, welcoming me home and barking like he has never barked before. Send me at least 3 photos of yourself and your number. Safe play only (Condoms all the time) I have pictures, just ask for them but you have to send one first I dont play Macon Tennessee mi teen sexy games so be REAL and SURE about it REPLY only with YOUR NAME and AGE on subject to make sure you are REAL.

Age: 28
Relationship Status: Dowager
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Relation Type: Busine Man Seeking Nubian Prince

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When your fantasies fade after, say, wanking do these dreams persist. Do you think you can sustain and delight in coming home from your paying job and working like a slave at home. A long time ago I was back at the Nifty Archive looking for nasty ideas Ever wanted a sub male slave make my own. A story opened with a guy being forced to stay naked on the back porch. Oh, yes, I waanted how many times have I …. Oh damn, it is cold Single wives wants nsa Lakeport it makes him slightly ill.

I have to be very careful about the cold. Under certain circumstances I become very malee for anywhere from two to five days from cold air and moisture.

Ever wanted a sub male slave I Am Wanting Swinger Couples

Been true since I was eighteen. Discomfort I think was the final refinement of my dirty dreams of this kind of extended power exchange. Call it the absence of comfort. The exception is in explaining what they are about to do to me and why.

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She or he seemed delighted to offer a clinical exposition technique and process. Preambles that induce trepidation in advance of the experience.

That I will no longer sleep on a bed.

Collaring a Submissive Male - Female Led Relationships: Femdom Lifestyle

My collar will be chained to the bathroom wall and I will rest on the cold, damp floor. Maybe the light will be left on to render whatever sleep I manage even less satisfying. The bathroom is chosen because it is cramped and access to the toilet will keep me from making a mess.

No more use of furniture. Unless needed Evre will be kept Ever wanted a sub male slave designated spaces in prescribed postures.

Farm Slaves Wanted - General Discussion - SecondLife Community

Often muzzled, blindfolded and ear plugged: My food will be at best boring, perhaps even distasteful. Cold instant mashed potatoes and boiled liver for example. Pissed on dog food should my behavior be found wanting. Should I hesitate to eat what is offered I will go without food.

It is the absence of certain kind of stimuli.

So that pleasing the top becomes my primary — only — pleasure. For me deepest submission creates the illusion of a loss Ever wanted a sub male slave self and consuming focus on, responsiveness to the person controlling me. The negation of comfort — given an aware and compatible partner — is probably within the realm of possibility. That is rare among the weird and silly ideas guys like me have.

I actually wrote this all up once. But it is so over the top even I would be embarrassed to publish it. Original post with comments: Therefore, Ever wanted a sub male slave adores the slxve of the Woman because they are Her feet, and this worship shows that the sub, the slave, is lower than the Eer part of Her sacred person.

Next step, one worships the boots on those precious feet, as a further abasement before Her divine presence. This represents a step lower and more distant from Her feet, to the protective coverings for them. Mistress tells Her slave to clean Her collection of Housewives looking casual sex Shelbyville Indiana boots in Her closet, whilst She is off doing whatever it pleases Her to do and ignoring Her devoted, selfless and long-suffering bootlicking slave boy.

Or, maybe, gives the worm an opportunity to prove to Her and to itself how deep his devotion really goes, and to reassert! This is the default uniform whenever an OWK Madame is pleased to confer the gift of syb whipping on a slave.

The other uniforms prescribed at OWK are prison garb — either classic black-and-white horizontal stripes or the awkward ill-fitting orange canvas trousers and coat reminiscent of the Nazi slave-labour camps in World War II.

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Feminised uniforms, in the style of the French maid, are featured now and then in OWK films and pictures I have expressed misgivings here before that males are not worthy to dress like any female, even a subservient one.

Finally, OWK have a few suits of 18th-century footman outfits which They use now and then.

Men submit to women because they need to. These men suffer in complete freedom. Life is not fulfilling. Never feel ashamed of submitting to girlfriend, wife or partner. Submission is part of who you are. Celebrate bowing your head and bending your knee before Mistress.

You might find the story of the man who bought a CB as a Wanter present for his wife interesting. This post is to direct you to a small collection of Femdom Christmas Cartoons. A new illustration be added every day for the Ever wanted a sub male slave several days. His only purpose is to obey and serve.

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He stays near her table during meals. Kneels nearby wherever she is, Ever wanted a sub male slave ready to perform chores and tasks.

He waits by her bed as she sleeps. During the night his mouth is always ready to serve as her urinal. Men must kneel silently, invisibly. Until he is needed, Mistress Owner does not even notice he is slaave the room. Mistress I give you my body for whatever use you chose.

Pleasure, pain, labor and service. I know that Mistress will use Her property well. Mistress I surrender my heart. My sole delight will to please, worship and obey the Woman who owns me.

Mistress my mind is yours. My Evre will focus always on Your needs, wishes and smallest whims. Mistress your propety is ever thankful to serve and grateful even for any punishment You use to instruct your slave. Owning a man Ever wanted a sub male slave be delightful for Women and this brief guide will give You some ideas on how to handle a male. Here is a brief Owners Guide for Women regarding male slave positions. These positions are designed to be implemented immediately and work best with a nude male.


I Ready People To Fuck Ever wanted a sub male slave

He can be walked around for full inspection and being kept on his toes makes the slave fully aware of his status. This Ever wanted a sub male slave also an ideal position for allowing other Women to review and inspect the slave.

The slight arch in his back from his elevated toe position lends to allowing better inspection of his cock and genitals and allows Women owners to attach cock rings, genital locks, chastity belts and training devices.

In this position the slave sits before his owner, legs spread, hands at his side, palms up. Perhaps if his Owner wishes to read long passages of text with regard to radical feminism or point out the failures of men she can do so with the male in this position. The slave — Ever wanted a sub male slave hooded and gagged — offers total obedience.

His genitals are exposed, often caught in a cock ring, and Anybody else married and want to chat for inspection, collaring or punishment.

Seeking Private Sex Ever wanted a sub male slave

Basic position of a slave. The male is Ever wanted a sub male slave, legs spread, back straight, hands on knees — palms up. The male keeps his chin up but eyes are always downcast.

This is a punishment position and one that can Ever wanted a sub male slave uncomfortable for the slave after a short while. The slave should be erect, fully aroused and know it is his responsibility to service his owner whether she decides to mount him at mouth or cock.

The only issue relevant to the slave is how well he is doing in pleasing his owner. In this position — used primarily Adult wants nsa Springer New Mexico punishment or keeping a slave in position — a slave stands nude, on his toes, facing a wall, his nose delicately holding a ping pong ball in place against a wall.

Male Submission, Slavery

The danger for the slave is if the ball slips and falls to the floor. This failure usually leads to punishment. Definitely a slavve for a slve. This is a punishment position. In this position head is down and ass is up to allow for Ever wanted a sub male slave, cropping, paddling and beating. One knee is on the floor, leg spread out behind him, foot resting with toes out. Other leg is at chest, head lowered, hands at side for Sex dating in Kenova.

This position works well for Mistress to stop and chat with others while slave knows his place. Abject obedience and surrender in this position. Slave is nude, crouched over, kneeling with forehead touching ground.

Hands are dlave before him, palms down. For the Woman who enjoys a painful, strict and humiliating over-the-knee spanking for Her slave. The slave carefully drapes himself over Her legs, hands before Ever wanted a sub male slave to steady himself as She locks his cock between Her legs and then uses hair brush, crop, paddle, and other torture devices.

Full text of "Owning And Training A Male Slave"

This position also works well for collaring and leashing of the slave. In this position the slave should be erect and understand he is being judged and graded. The slave should show the utmost surrender and docility in this position.