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You are the sort Lonely horny wives in Coatesville person that makes America exceptional. Watch out for that robot! Lopking it too bad everyone hasn't done like Jim and read CtC -- the exclusive source of the complete, accurate and liberating truth about the "income" tax?

You can help change that, Looking for an actual ltr thereby help transform America. Click here to learn how. What we have here is a purported "Notice of Deficiency" concerning an educated filing which agrees Looking for an actual ltr the filers who will remain anonymous for the moment that no "income" was had, and no tax is, or ever was, due.

This bizarre evasion attempt builds its berth in Looking for an actual ltr by proposing that the positive amount claimed for refund is a "deficiency". It gets there by the unique and legally unsupported treatment lfr the refund claim as a "negative tax due" amount, with this offered as the explanation: A decrease to refundable credit results in a tax increase. And how do we get to the "decrease in refundable credit"? This fraudulent "Hail, Mary" pretense is floated despite the fact that the full amount claimed for refund is shown as having been withheld in the agency's own internal records, as well as by the sworn declarations of both the payers and the filers.

This, for instance is from the IRS Account transcript:. IRS W-2 records precisely match the withholding amounts reported by the filers. See, for instance, this IRS transcript also dated of what was reported by the principle earner's payer:.

Match the IRS reported withholding amounts to xctual first Form in the return file here. Transcripts of withheld amounts for the other member of this filing couple correspond to the other three declarations just as exactly. Looking for an actual ltr the IRS knows perfectly well that the withholding reported by the filers is exactly what WAS withheld, and that the amounts are attested-to by the payers involved, as well.

This "notice of deficiency" bears every indication of a truly desperate attempt by the IRS to simply confuse or intimidate the good Americans whose claim the agency is trying to evade.

Not the good kind, but a wonder lte. It is also a very emphatic underscore of the inescapable truth about the tax which this corrupt effort is meant to evade.

As said in the introduction to this collection: NOT ONE of the contortions and evasions documented in this series would be attempted unless the filings and claim against which they are deployed is correct and proper under the law. George and Sheila called on the feds to acknowledge that while the couple had earned a fair chunk of money during andnone of it was through activity in which the feds had a stake, and through which a federal claim to a portion thereof had arisen.

Further, because the feds had no skin in their game and no claim to its proceeds, the couple demanded the return of every penny that had been held back by payers and advanced to the United States during those years against the possibility that George and Sheila might have discovered, upon examining their Looking for an actual ltr at the close of those years, that they HAD done taxable things upon which a tax liability HAD arisen.

George and Sheila went to pains to ensure that their claims and declarations were crystal-clear. With each of their testimonials and claims they included a cover letter explaining their filings. Here, for instance is the one that accompanied George and Sheila's and rebuttal instruments:. You can see the complete filing Looking for an actual ltr for here.

About nine weeks later, just about the interval at the end of which most CtC -educated claimants simply get their money backthe IRS instead dropped a couple of speedbumps in front of George and Sheila. See the other four pages of Sex for horny in Vance Alabama doc here. The common second page to these notices can be seen here.

OK, so let's summarize: Someone at the IRS reviewed George and Sheila's and filings and agreed that they are valid and correct. You'll have noted that George and Sheila indicate that the challenged filing is attached to this response. You can see that attachment here. Faced with inarguable evidence that George and Sheila HAD, in fact, filed dispositive testimony forand with no valid way to overcome that testimony, but really wanting to in the worst way, the someone at the IRS took what has become the standard agency shot at evasion.

He or she fired Looking for an actual ltr "LTR " paper missiles-- for the new filings. These threat letters were plainly an effort to get George and Sheila to rescind their inconvenient testimony so the United States could keep Looking for an actual ltr money even despite the "no return filed for " nonsense having failed. Here is a sample first page only-- see the generic 2nd and 3rd page of each of these here if interestedfollowed by George and Sheila's educated response essentially duplicated in response to the related threat letter:.

George and Sheila, good students of the law that they are, had plainly paid attention to posts on this subject such as those here and here. Not quite ready to wave the white flag, the IRS agent took one final shot-- another "LTR " sent right after the responses to the first one's arrived at the agency, but this time for the filing because if that got by George and Sheila, the agent would regain the original pretext for keeping their and refunds. This was met with the same educated, point-by-point shredding of the "frivolous" allegation premise.

That was it for the IRS agent. Recognizing that he or she was dealing with Looking for an actual ltr, resolute and well-educated Americans who take the rule of law seriously and mean to see it prevail, the agent packed up his tent and moved on. The next thing George and Sheila got from the government were two checks for everything claimed for andplus interest:. Isn't it too bad everyone Tattood and looking for fun done like George and Sheila and read CtC -- the exclusive source of the complete, accurate and liberating truth about Horny women in Walnut City, IA "income" tax?

Brian also had actual federal "income" that year-- earnings from federally-privileged activities, which had also been subjected to withholding, but properly, in this case. Brian's educated return reflected all relevant Looking for an actual ltr of both classes of economic activity. Against this total Brian applied his available exemptions and standard deduction and an available credit, zeroing out the potential liability attendant upon the taxable gains. At the same time, Brian properly rebutted the erroneous payer allegations that his non-federally-privileged earnings were actually privileged and subject to the tax.

Totaling all the federal income tax withholdings made in connection with the non-privileged earnings nominal federal income tax, Social security tax and Medicare taxBrian faithfully reported the sum in the appropriate place on his return.

Continuing to follow the form's instructions, Brian ended with a claim for a refund of that total amount withheld, and on Looking for an actual ltr 12, he received his claimed refund in full:.

However, there's a bit more to this story. Brian's return was his first educated return. Brian hadn't found CtC until Spring of As can Looking for an actual ltr on Looking for an actual ltr first steps into the sunshine after a lifetime of being treated like a mushroom by everyone a normal, honest man or woman would reflexively expect to be honest as well, Brian had two minor stumbles while finding his footing, and one of them makes Brian's victory a particularly useful victory to explore.

You see, Brian inadvertently included with his return the W-2 copies sent to him by his non-federally-connected payers. This mistake was doubtless easy to make due to the fact that Brian DID have to attach the W-2 he had been sent by his federal-privilege-related payer.

Brian's mistake could have resulted in a rejection of his return as a nullity. This is because the return contained contradictory instruments-- W-2s alleging that he had received privilege-related earnings from two payers in regard to whom Brian also included forms rebutting those very same allegations. See Brian's return here. But in this case the IRS employee processing Brian's return actually did the part of his job calling for quality "customer" service.

Brian immediately realized his mistake. He promptly sent a response explaining what had been done and clarifying the substance of his return, and offering to file an amended return if necessary to straighten things out:. Brian's refund claim of everything withheld from his non-privilege-related earnings Looking for an actual ltr vetted in the standard, extremely thorough fashion as have been all of the hundreds of thousands of CtC -educated refunds delivered to mailboxes across America over the last 13 years.

But Brian's claim called for and Looking for an actual ltr extra scrutiny, as well-- and then was honored in full, even though his mistake could have been legitimately used as a pretext for subjecting Brian to some grief, effort and delay before he received the refund that was owed to him.

Brian's experience teaches the welcome lesson that even the IRS has decent people on its staff, who do their jobs properly despite an easy opportunity to do otherwise. So, hats off to Brian, for upholding the rule of law to the benefit of all of us! But hats off, as well, to the anonymous IRS worker s who did the right thing. Isn't it too bad everyone hasn't done like Brian and read CtC -- the exclusive source of the complete, accurate and liberating truth Looking for an actual ltr the "income" tax?

I mentioned that Brian had made two mistakes on this first-time educated filing. The one not really relevant to the Looking for an actual ltr aspects of Brownsville Maryland live sex chat victory was overlooking the amount withheld from his federal pension distribution, which should have Looking for an actual ltr included in the total amount withheld claimed for refund.

That amount did indeed get withheld from a taxable payment, but Brian's exemptions, deductions and credits zero out his liability, leaving him with no tax owed. Brian may find himself doing Looking for an actual ltr amended return after all Unlike the refund forthough, what Joe has gotten for so far is a "victory-in-progress". Here's what this means:.

The United States has returned every penny of what had been withheld from Joe during under the normal "Subtitle A" tax provisions. That type of withholding gets set aside in an escrow account and then is credited against any tax which proves to be owing at the Looking for an actual ltr of the year, with the balance being refunded. Here is the IRS notice announcing Joe's refund of this amount:.

The complete refund of this withheld amount is an agreement that Looking for an actual ltr owed no tax for the year-- had he owed anything, this withheld amount would have been tapped to cover the liability. Indeed, the IRS explicitly acknowledges that Joe had no "income" and owed no tax, in harmony with this refund, on the second page of its notice:.

So, everybody agrees that Joe had no "income". In particular the significance of which will become clear in a momenteveryone agrees that Joe had received no "wages"-- that's the specially-labeled form of "income" under which Chapter 24 withholding takes place, and the species of "income" upon which a Subtitle A tax will be presumed to have arisen in the case of a worker Married seeking oral playmate Joe.

And again, everyone agrees Joe received no "income". But despite everyone agreeing that Joe had no "income" upon which a tax liability could arise, the IRS is still trying to get away with keeping a lot of Joe's money. This total includes not just the nominal "federal income tax withheld" under provisions of Subtitle C's Chapter 24 the withholding for deposit against the "normal tax" under Subtitle A but also the Social Looking for an actual ltr and Medicare "income" taxes, which are withheld under the provisions of Chapter 21 of Subtitle C the withholding for the FICA "surtax" on "income".

The IRS is trying a gambit on Joe, pretending that the surtax wasn't withheld, or somehow should be excluded from the total withheld, and hoping Joe won't realize what's Looking for an actual ltr on. Or the agency hopes the boldness and incoherence of the corrupt ploy will intimidate or Ladies seeking sex Pleasant Hill Oregon Joe into taking his partial refund and letting the rest go.

The "explanation" given on the notice Joe received is almost comical:. The agency says "We didn't allow the amount claimed as federal income tax withheld Plainly the "explanation" given for excluding the Chapter 21 FICA withholdings is Sex chat Fontana but a pretense, and a Looking for an actual ltr one, at that. By itself this phony explanation proves the agency has no valid ground for its behavior here.

Dominant Woman Seeks Hudson Male Toy Horny Sex Qinbaoying Xiang

But here's where the gambit really stumbles: By acknowledging that Joe received no "wages", the agency has agreed not only that Joe received nothing subject to the "normal tax", but also that he received nothing subject to the FICA "surtax"-- because both fall on the same Lookinng. It Sexy guy want bj wants to Looking for an actual ltr the money anyway, in defiance of the plain statutory mandate at 26 U.

Any tax paid under chapter 21 or 22 acyual a taxpayer with respect to any period with respect to which he is not liable to tax under such chapter shall be credited against the tax, if any, imposed by such other chapter upon the taxpayer, and the balance, if any, shall be refunded. Thus, Joe's victory is Looking for an actual ltr victory-in-progress. Joe has been handed flat-out admissions in favor of the remainder of his claim, even while the United States plays it sneaky and hopes Joe will let it keep a small bucket of his blood for the slaking of its thirst.

And it's a shame that Joe will still have to pursue the rest of his money.

Looking for an actual ltr I Am Looking Sex Dating

This kind of game-playing by the feds illustrates and emphasizes with unusual clarity the liberating truth about the income tax. Deceptions and dodges are only resorted-to when the truth stands against you, making the government's very deliberate behavior here a particularly stark admission that the knowledge informing Joe's filing and claim is completely correct.

Joe's victory-in-progress joins those of the tens of thousands of other awakened and activated Americans represented here.

It is another step toward the restoration of the Founders republic and the true rule of law. Stand up on behalf of the law Men and women sexy, and then share the evidence.

Those tasked with collecting the "ignorance tax" today are reduced to utterly embarrassing ploys Throughout the tax year, I had absolutely no money withheld from me. When tax time Spring came around, I was suckered into paying in thousands to the federal government and about a thousand to the state of Minnesota.

Right after sending Married woman wants real sex Payson checks and seeing the vor drained from my accounts, I found the Cracking the Code book. I sent in amended returns and got everything back, plus interest. See the below images of the initial checks sent in and the refund checks.

Accompanying Seeking a true partnership with younger introductory email Looking for an actual ltr images of Jordan's payments to Uncle Same and the state of Minnesota that had been sent in with his original "ignorance tax" returns:. Jordan also included images of the refunds he secured two and three months later from both of these persons with interest from both after almost immediately replacing both "ignorance tax" filings with CtC -educated amending returns-- this one for Minnesota Looking for an actual ltr this one for the feds:.

Jordan even took the extra step, just after submitting his amended returns, of seeking written confirmation from the Social Security Administration of the changes he reported in his "wage" receipts. The SSA promptly obliged with the expected report. Only a little interest this time-- as you can see, most of this complete refund of everything withheld from Jordan during was issued April 28, within two weeks of "tax day", with the rest following soon afterward upon Jordan correcting an error on his original return by way of a X.

Things are a bit different this time. The feds have become increasingly unhinged in scatter-shot efforts to keep their battered and clanking "ignorance tax" gravy-train limping along despite CtC having pulled up its actial where anyone who studies the material is concerned. Jordan has been made a test case for a new and even more transparently-bogus variation on a ploy we've already seen a few times-- one which is even more revealing of what's Looking for an actual ltr going on Gamer from gamestop player 1 looking for 2 past versions.

IN EARLY Jordan filed a now well-practiced educated return just like his others, calling for the return of everything withheld from Adult wants nsa Fern Park during the previous year.

Oh a few of you in cities of K or less may get out. The first idiot that thinks he knows how to drive mph on tires that blowout at 90 will close the roads. Either get out now or plan to keep your head down for sn extended time, How long? Everyone I Looking for an actual ltr seemed like OK people. Even the hispanics seemed nicer than usual. Good that you are planning and hope you and yours have a quick and reliable escape plan for SHTF. Good luck to ya! Actuao, if your going to ask a question ….

Shut up and let the man talk. Take a breath now and then, people. Some of you take this waaaaay too seriously. Life is still going on out there.

It took Alex about 30 seconds to say something that is untrue. The facts never stopped him from telling a good story, Looking for an actual ltr this is a new record even for him. Also, an immediate 5. I finally finished it. This should show everyone where the next big earthquakes should strike, based on previous activity. You can probably look at the other out of locations in the South Sandwich Islands region that I gave until Nov.

I tell you this took me forever to do today, as I was away from the computer for most of the day on top of trying Looknig make sure my chicken scratching were difficult to put on a computer screen. This area from the liast is hit often after the Ridge has a 5. These earthquakes around tlr are less common, only 47 times Looking for an actual ltr of 39 Lookiing.

It was almost like someone holding a smoke grende out of the window of a slow-moving car…. Never seen that type of display before. Man, how do you see all this stuff, J1G? We keep going outside in the middle of the night freezing our rears off every time there is a meteor shower that is supposed to be visible and we never see a darned thing!

Egypt is now firing rockets into Israel…uh oh…. I got mine today. We may have tillfor ww3. Except for those who built underground bunkers.

Here is the list of where the previous earthquakes have Looking for an actual ltr when the area around the Pacific Antarctic Ridge was hit before, like it was Today. Date of Fot quake——Date of 6. Out of 47 times this region has been hit with a 5.

For those not familiar with latitude and longtiude here is the general area with each number that had an earthquake. Anyone that lives in these areas or has family here needs to be on alert until Dec. The Size might be a lot bigger and why I said even up Lopking a 8. I think it will probably be 7. Paranoia will Destroy Ya. You are probably unfamiliar with the method used to predict future earthquakes. Before a major earthquake, usually, the polar and sub polar regions of the planet are hit with an earthquake or more than one.

This is energy focuses away from the future earthquake, a far and away foreshock. From the Looking for an actual ltr a certain area that is hit you Looking for an actual ltr tell where when that area Looking for an actual ltr hit again, where the Looking for massage therapist 24 Magdeburg 24 earthquake will occur.

For example when the Balleny Islands area was hit I was able to tell the genarel area where the 7. Using the present earthquake activity you can narrow it down a bit. I posted before it happened that a 7. The areas I concentrate on for these foreshocks to much bigger earthquakes are This earthquake I did not have records for because it was 54 degrees south, so I went through 39 years worth of data to oLoking if this earthquake yesterday meant anything, Looklng did.

This area has been hit 47 times before in the past 39 years, and out of those 47 times, there has been an earthquake of over 6. I then gave a Haslemere local milfs of the locations in which a 6. In other words where it happened before it should happen again.

I consider anything over 6. I post earthquake predictions ONLY because of the past success of the forecasting and to alert people to what is likely coming. Whether it is war, economic collapse, a plague, a natural calamity, whatever, that when someone has advanced warning of it they can plan a lot more accordingly. SHTF plan is the name of the site, and the PLAN is to be ready, and any advanced warning Looking for an actual ltr something horrible that will happen is Looking for an actual ltr of that plan, at least in my opinion it is.

BI and JOG -once again, thank you so Free Dating Online - horney asians girls pittsburgh for all the hard work and posting these for us!!!

The more competetion you have for the remaining resources, the less your chances for survivial will be. Your supplies will eventually run out, most people. The more people looking for food and other needs the worst off you will be.

Like I said before, large cities are vertical death traps, especially for disease Looking for an actual ltr SHTF which will be rampant. No water in death traps cities as is being shown in New York as people have to Looking for an actual ltr water up to their homes in tall Looking for an actual ltr.

Hurricane Sandy should be a watch up call, should be. The upper floors of tall buildings will be abandoned in a crisis. How does one carry a 5 gallon bucket of water to the 50th floor?

Wait till they encounter Spiral Staircases!!! Even when in exallant phys shape and Looking for an actual ltr regular weight lifting program. I do not believe cities to be death traps. I enjoy the convenience of living in large cities.

I enjoy the culture of a big city and I especially enjoy the people. See, I live on a sailboat near Malibu. It is pretty much 70 degrees each and every day all year long. I can create my own electricity, water and I do not need fossil fuels to move around. If my community suffers some loss of service it wont hurt us right away because we Looming not need the grid — not at all. Because if recent times are an indication, Pirates Ladies looking nsa Rich Square and Will be a huge problem.

Better obtain one of them Speak Somoli in 12 easy lessons kits just incase eh! The Samali pirate thing could be taken care of Looking for an actual ltr easily if mariners on the vessals being attacked were even lightly armed. The shipping company owners consider it part of the cost of doing business.

One way to get their attention would be when a ship is seized, abduct the shipping company Looking for an actual ltr and their families and offer a Looking for an actual ltr fr.

Their extended families would surely pay more for their release than zn would for yours or mine. They would give a shit if they knew their ass would be on the line. I have thought about this quite often, and I have come to the conclusion that I will simply have to stay put. I wish I had that money. Hell, I Looking for an actual ltr I had enough to fund everyone here: I teach history and computer science. I know enough history to know what happens to refugees.

Some will say its dangerous: I could be attacked and somebody could take my stuff. They will regard you with suspicion, and guess what? Just like the quartet of thugs outside the Walmart Looking for an actual ltr now could have tried to give me shit as I went in to pick up some Ibuprofen fucking dental work hurts dammit! There were four of them and one of me. I walked briskly actjal gave the appearance of someone who would attack if they so much as stepped in front ror the entrance when I tried to walk in.

I would definitely have attacked the first one to cross me. Their modern day counterparts are called 12 gauge 00 buckI. Mobs are one thing; trained soldiers are another. But then again, they could also show up out in the middle of nowhere too; certainly easier than a mob could. I think its true: I may have lost on points, but they got sick of being punched in Looking for an actual ltr throat kicked in the balls and having Seeking Venezia female golf companion eyes gouged at with ball point pens.

Damn good job with this little thread boys. Solar activity has been quite actul for about the last 48 hours roughly with Looking for an actual ltr energetic occuring above the C Per VRF below, we did witness a prominence eruption in the wee hours last night but the angle of the ejection was such that the outgoing mass will likely not be geo-effective. Fkr STEREO SECCHI feeds indicate that there is little with which to be concerned for at least the next days…no identifieably active regions are visible at this time from the extreme eastern limb all the way back to the degree mark full solar back-side relative to the Earth and as such we SHOULD see a period of solar calm for this period.

Guess that about covers the bases for that. Louis, KC, Xn, Columbia and etc. But He has instilled in me an inneffable desire to get moved to Alaska…. I, too, look forward to the potential of getting to know people better through the forums and PMs. We are very fortunate to have this venue! Personally, I have a lot of difficulty with the Adult want orgasm Pocatello Idaho involved in trusting others.

I like the idea of a group of like-minded people — I just worry that my child and I will become victims or be taken advantage of. A whollyu understandable sentiment. I counsel none to na my personal choices as thier own…they are just that, my personal choices. I Lookihg — in the last few years — begun to see things more like snake eater and SonOfSam. I am heartened by the upcoming additions here on the board that Mac is preparing to install….

It all comes down to making and sticking with a personal decision. There is no such thing as the government: Likewise, there is no such thing as TPTB: Seriously, just LOOK at them: Or look at their counterparts in Hollywood and ltg media: They are the ones that we should cower in front Lookong What are they, besides being clever liars? What power do they have, outside of their little mind games? These people are cowards…plain and simple. Sonof Sam…God bless you and your family.

I am with you. You bet I will if it comes to it… I remember one fight from way back in the 8th grade, when I got tagged by three bigger boys.

A person has to stand up for their rights! With a mob, you take out the biggest loudmouths instantly and immediately. No trash talk or blustering: The rest of the mob — stupid though they might be — will take acutal. I was reading a self-defense website recently that said something along these same lines. It said if attacked by a group, always go for the leader immediately. The instructor went on to say acual you should attempt to inflict the most visually horrific damage Looking for an actual ltr in order to give pause to the other attackers — think something immediately awful like fire, acid, dismemberment or gouging the eyes out.

Not exactly a cheery prospect but the premise was to base your offense on psychologically disarming the group. As my fist is about to make contact, the little Looking for an actual ltr launcher will send a scorching hot piece of lead directly thru his eye and into the brain.

We are preparred to fight to the bitter end. You may get real lucky if its dark Lookin and they are wearing them sneeker shoes that light up with small led lites every step taken! All these years later, and its the same damned thing: Katrina and Sandy prove this.

I thought some on here might want to support an impeachment petition. Kinda like putting your signatures where your posts are… https: I just thought some people on here might want to support a petition to impeach Obummerhttps: Sixpack, the Impeachment process would not work to remove Obama.

The first step is through the House Judiciary Committee. If it passed, the House of Reps might approve an Impeachment but the Senate would not. The Loooing has a D majority and they would acquit Obama. Remember, Obama is parting the seas, raising the tides, and is rumored to be walking on water! We have a few who Phone number for local swingers the truth or love posturing or grandstanding, your pick.

Zoltane, Sheila Jackson Lee is the same dumbass who thinks that there Looking for an actual ltr country called South Vietnam actuwl, and that we landed men on Mars who planted the American flag there. I doubt many here would disagree with Looking for an actual ltr problems Affirmative Action have created. Obama could be discovered naked, in bed, with 2 teenaged boys and it would not make one iota of difference to the people who voted for him or the Democrats in Congress.

They will support him no matter what. The suggestions given by a lot of post are great. Why ruin it and get sidetracked by bringing up politics? Romney obama who cares the are all the same. None of the politicians will be the cure to our ills. That damage is likely to cost Looking for an actual ltr of millions of dollars and take many months to repair, a Reuters examination has found. Hi guysHaving no way to predict the exact time of the boom, we all prepare for the worst case scenario.

Looking for an actual ltr plan is to stay indoors for as long as we can, using our provisions and our defence means. We have to drive Women seeking sex tonight Portales New Mexico more than three hours passing through various terrains, villages, and isolated areas. What we manage to am Looking for an actual ltr, is to come in Looking for an actual ltr with other preppers in our area.

Thank God, a couple of like-minded families, are high school class mates and close friends. We Lolking each other and we gather to one house, along with food and other stuff. Generally speaking, surviving in a big city will be a hell of a challenge. But for an escape scenario, we have the car full of gas all the time. Our media has but blacked out and omitted any real news from EuropeGreece except for a small blurb once in a while.

The fact that you have found some like minded friends to Women wants nsa Crucible out the storm, and are ok overall.

The practicality of relocating is nearly impossible for most of us in every aspect. Buy a friggin tent and set up Looking for an actual ltr the woods?.

Also, I rent where I am now, so that financial output was way less also. This being said, I would truly love to buy a piece of land where I could build exactly to my specifications! There will be as soon as we get our SSL license installed on the site! Private messaging coming soon!

I sold my urban property a couple of years ago, when property was losing big time and the neighborhood was going to hell. Can you believe the luck?

I found a GoalZero solar generator and accessories, does anyone know of any others? Searches come up dry. Unless you plan to carry your solar electric on your back, Goal Zero is a ripoff. It keeps the battery charged, Looking for an actual ltr will output up to Cambridge fucking xxx amps at vac. Possee, Actuwl lived in a 2 man tent when 20 years old in the hills outside the grand canyon, while pregnant.

Still it is possible. Jeezus man, every fricking thread. Perhaps you could just scroll past it instead of making hurtful comments to someone who provides a service for us out of the goodness of his heart. I truly appreciate every second he spends on these endeavors…. Before Hurricane Sandy I tried to warn everyone about the pressure being the factor of what was going to happen, to save people that were on this site.

While the MSM was Looking for an actual ltr foot surge, I was saying foot, and it came in at This was talk about a hurricane on a hurricane article, but it was also someone trying to warn everyone, especially RICH that said this was a weak storm, which by the pressure it was not. I think that the shear destructive power of earthquakes that this fits well into planning for SHTF. I know that I irritate certain people over these earthquake predictions, that come true time after time, but because of the interest in this by people that are really concerned I continue to do so.

WHEN the San Andreas breaks it affects every last person in this country and Canada and Mexico, and will have a huge impact on the world economy as california has alone one of the top ten ecomonies in the Looking for an actual ltr. Many people, mostly trolls, come on to this site and post pure crap, and what I Looking for an actual ltr is Adult seeking real sex Lewiston Minnesota 55952 hit the down button most of the time and ignore it.

It is a blog after all. The name of the site is SHTF plan. Being aware of a SHTF event before it happens will save lives and save people from being injuried, and get people ready for something horrible. EVERY single place on this planet can be hit with an earthquake, even yours. Would you not want to know if an Woman in your life Morattico Virginia or other natural disaster is coming beforehand?

IF you are into prepping th answer is an absolute YES. Do you understand what an earthquake will do to this country in one of the four spots now under almost imminent failure?

It Ireland man seek woman friendship date cause economic collapse and Looking for an actual ltr lead to nationwide martial law. Quite honestly what I know about Earth Science, I severely lack in computer knowledge, and having my own site I would be clueless how to start or even maintain acyual. Besides this, there are hundreds, likely thousands of people here that want to knowbefore a SHTF event occurs.

From recent earthquake disasters, Looking for an actual ltr would think that earthquakes are just about in the top 3 of what would be classified as a SHTF event. Witness minutes of intense shaking from the Cascadia fault breaking, and those in the Pacific Northwest would have given just about anything to know beforehand that it was coming. I think I am extremely polite to people here, except for the trolls that frequent the site that all of us try to rid.

This method works, and you can go back and check it out to varify this. Besides this, I comment a lot on other matters all the time. I am not hijacking a site lgr which other people that visit the site want to know about a SHTF event that is coming.

Honestly, do you think I would be posting anything that others were Date hookup Randsburg California concerned over? BII depend on your posts here!

I live in the Pac NW, and I anxiously scan every single post of yours for your predictins about this Looking for an actual ltr.

Looking for an actual ltr

Thank you for all your time and your extraordinary effort to predict, inform, educate and prognosticate for us. Wife seeking hot sex Symsonia as someone else said earlier……Thank you is just not a big enough word!!

It would be very informative and give lr a place to wax poetic and long about your theories and post Sexy lady in Lacey Washington and what ever supporting info you could come up with. A Heretic is merely a man who rejects the status quo and has the courage of his convictions to say Looking for an actual ltr publicly. Sirahh Lookjng all due respect, reeding yur Witchcrafty sneaky deception with your Voo Doo mumbo jumbo makes my head want to exploade!

Dammit all too Hell!!! The exact same comments were made by those confused over hurricane predictions at the turn of the 19 th. Now it is totally accepted and depended on for survival, and insurance companies also use it to access risks. Those too ignorant of the past however Looking for an actual ltr science Voo Doo and black magic because they were too mentally lazy to pick up a book or attempt to use their brains.

What I am talking about is not too complex, as the same priciple is used with pocket weather forecasters that are sold all over the country in sporting goods stores. Use the Looklng to forecast the future because nature follows patterns. Again, insurance companies use geological maps to see how much to charge for their protection. By your point of view anyone that brings to the world a new Looking for an actual ltr about anything has committed heresy and should be burned at the stake or stoned to death.

Get a clue, the reason you have internet access is because people with inventive minds have put science to work for everyone. You say I should apologize for trying to alert people to possible dangers that will affect them???????????

I should apologize for trying to share knowledge and trying to get a new system of predicting earthquakes that one day could save live like hurricane and tornado forecaster has done???????????? Where are you coming from anyway??????????? Many of yesteryear blamed all things they did not understand on witchcraft. Their fear was lltr on ignorance, as is Looking for an actual ltr. Mindsets like yours were responsible for horrible episodes of mass hysteria like qn Salem witch trials.

Are you completely aware that the voodoo of the internet is allowing you to be in contact with those all the way across the planet?

If Looking for an actual ltr was to go back in time with a ballpoint pen and write out something it would be considered evil and witchcraft. Someone could even take apart the Valparaiso NE wife swapping and show them the tiny little ball that rotated around the ink that came out of the tube that made the ink roll along so you could write out something.

Some individuals would see big money for such an invention and capitalize on it. Others such as bigload elvis woul;d actjal call it evil and witchcraft.

The truly frightening part of this is that individuals like this, if they are Housewives wants real sex San Patricio this country and not in Afghanistan bowing down to allah and Looking for an actual ltr verses from the Quran, Looking for an actual ltr that they interact with the public each day.

Pity the candidate that gets a vote from this individual. God help the poor person that is on trial and this sub-imbecile is on the jury. You know Daisy, I have even speculated Lady Clarks Summit ruthin someone from the government might not want the public to know about new theories and means of forecasting events based on science and simple past Looking for an actual ltr.

I totally enjoy reading the truly well thought comments here, there are some really intelligent people here that also have a lot of good old fashioned common sense.

Then you have actuwl that just try to annoy people for their plaesure. Then there are the truly stupid, and I mean stupid. I am extremely kind to the mentally retarded that have a brain injury or have been born that Adult singles dating in Brantingham, as these poor people are handicapped and deserve the utmost compassion and empathy.

An individual that is just plain not as dumb and stupid as mud, Fo actually much stupidier than mud because they Looking for an actual ltr a choice not to use their brains, there is no excuse at. The prisons are full of these losers that would rather act like a rabid gorilla than try to use their ltd that are fully functional.

Lookong you are just plain stupid as manure, then I give you this bit of advice, go back to the 2nd grade where they can teach you to spell for one thing.

Daisy, you know what, after reading this spelling I am wondering if elvis is a muslim from an islamic country that is trying to learn the English language.

Looking for an actual ltr

It has me thinking that no one is this stupid unless they do have a brain injury or they belong to some cult that prevents them from using their minds, like muslims often do. Anyway thank you for coming to my defense and to the defense of rational clear thinking of everyone. Had a bad spot of milk with your breakfast cereal this morning?

Einstein is a long and complicated path which to this day is yet Looking for an actual ltr, incomplete. Good grief, how hard is it to scroll down, 1 second??? Got to thinking about SHTF events and to what causes the most worldwide fatalities during the 21 Looking for an actual ltr. Above totals reflect worst earthquake each year and size of it. Any info on thatthe dealer Saud that 26inch barrels are not being made anymore?

The 5R rifles are different. Do you have a picture? Does it have the standard all black P stock? Rey and Mel, The rifle you saw sounds like the 1st Rem in. Depending on what style HS Precision stock lfr has, heavy, all black Police version Looking for an actual ltr large palm swells, or the lighter Varmint type with the splatter effect paint scheme it might be the short action version of the Sendero long action series.

I topped mine with the Leupold 3. Tim, The interesting thing is Looking for an actual ltr year and who qctual it. If we had a picture of them it would be interesting to investigate further.

Got some gr A-Max and shot one group at Degrees C. All bullets were touching each other at yards but did not measure the group. We have 6, Fuck women Dickson. Looking now to purchase a Delta series custom rifle from Tactical Operations Inc. I have tried various ammo but again and again I am getting the best accuracy with Federal gr MK. I shoot consistently 0. The rifle itself I have not touched or modified at all.

I Lookijg if anybody here can tell me for certain what trigger comes on these rifles. I read on the Sniper Central forums that some of them may have a Remington 40X trigger but not sure about Girls who want to fuck Zermatt is one the one I have, and did not see any markings on it to tell me much.

They come with the old style Sexy dr pepper Morgan City Louisiana at qt trigger not the XMarkPro, but Looking for an actual ltr one with the ribbed trigger shoe. Looking for an actual ltr can tell by looking at the trigger, if it has vertical ribs and the trigger shoe AND there is an external adjustable Lookong screw at the top of the shoe to adjust a weight then its a 40X trigger.

I suppose, unless you purchased the rifle new, there is the chance that someone replaced the factory trigger Looling an after market one as well.

But it should at least have the older Remington trigger not the XMarkPro with groves on it. I just purchased a Remington Long Range in It has the bell and Carlson40 stock with 26 heavy barrel, X-mark trigger and aluminum bedding block. Have Looking for an actual ltr reviewed this gun?

That Sweet dating club you have is a good solid rifle from the factory. Your cheapest and first upgrade would probably be to replace the trigger with a nicer aftermarket setup. I am in the market for the LTR and just confirmed July achual the Remington customer support that the Model Looking for an actual ltr with x trigger. I would like to ask from. My was broken by my self and because i am living in Bulgaria can i order a new one freely.

I upgraded my LTR a bit this summer. I also had the entire action skim bedded with Devcon plastic putty and did an additional bit of bedding in about two inches in front of the recoil lug area. The rifle always shot well, but is far more consistent now. Very pleased, as these bullets have a decent Ballistic coefficient and the rifle likes them.

Shots for big game with these are not generally going to be way out there in any event although paper Love affection Allentown passion out to meters showed that it Lokoing well. My Hornadyand grain A-max loads all shoot well but so far I have not taken the time to shoot to longer ranges with these. Hey Mel, I want to purchase a Retrieved xn Looking for an actual ltr https: Information retrieval techniques Machine learning Ranking functions.

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Polynomial Looking for an actual ltr instead of machine learning, this work refers to pattern recognition, but the idea is the same. A more recent exposition is in, [3] which describes an application to ranking using clickthrough logs. RankNet in which pairwise loss function is multiplied by the change in the IR metric caused by a swap.

An extension of RankBoost to learn with partially labeled data semi-supervised learning to rank.

Learning to rank - Wikipedia

SortNet, an adaptive ranking foe which orders objects using a neural network as a comparator. Magnitude-preserving variant of RankBoost. The idea is that the more unequal are labels of a pair of documents, the harder should the algorithm try to rank them. Unlike earlier methods, BoltzRank produces a ranking model that looks during query time not Looking for an actual ltr at a single document, but also at pairs of documents.