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She looked like a teamster dropping of a load of Enchantment products. I loved Janet and Kendall friendship, as the Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning of Pine Valley. The whole thing with Erica as a teen and Nick Davis was creepy. It seemed like Mona just stood by paralysed as Erica was being seduced by old men. She had a cute scene with St Maria of the Push-up Bra where she played a patient convinced she was Erica Kane's daughter. Nice of her to come back - apparently her and Eva La Rue became close friends in the s and have remained close since.

I watched this show during breaks from school and during holidays. When school was in session, my stay-at-home mom would brief my sister and me on each day's episode when we got home from school. When my dad got home from work, she'd have to repeat it all over again for him. We'd all pester her for more details and and try to predict future episodes and laugh over how l-o-n-g it took for a storyline to play out in Pine Valley.

AMC was the common currency we could all take pleasure in. One time I was mad at my mom over something and I said Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning meanest thing that came to mind - "You're just like Phoebe Tyler!

My mom's gone now, but I can't think of that show without thinking about how much fun we had gossiping about those over the top characters. Poor dumb, diabetic not-really-going-blind Nina the Taylor Miller version! AMC had the most compelling teen scene in the Canberra girls porn. Melissa Leo from her time on AMC.

She gets into a hilarious catfight with Nina the second awful one. Needless to say, I'm sure she leaves off her resume!

I miss Kate Collins. Women looking for couples was Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning glamorous in the 80s. Yes I miss it. I even watched the internet version after the cancellation. I got a new Smart TV that allows me to watch Youtube videos I've been watching some wahna the old episodes. It's nice watching them on a big screen again. I've mostly been watching when Wanba was just starting up with Palmer and hadn't started the affair with Ross yet, which led to him raping her.

I'm not sure if the episode where he rapes her is on there--it was great. Not that she got raped, but part of it was actually filmed on location. Of course, I haven't seen that episode in almost 30 years, so I could be remembering it wrong! Unbelievable Kate Collins never even got a nomination nad fucking Brittany Allen won. Some other not-so-great actors have gotten nominations also.

Riot as Facebook party attended by thousands | Daily Mail Online

I don't know if Collins ever read Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning boards, but she was generally very well liked as both Natalie and Janet. And that they brought her back as Natalie as a ghost and Janet several times over the years, so I'd say she knows she was popular.

A period of 26 years but totaling 27 consecutive years of lead-actress slots. Kate Collins's portrayal of Natalie Hunter ran from to She should have landed at least two nominations: Susan Lucci represented "AMC" with lead-actress nominations every year Collins was on and was joined in by Julia Barr, who had six of her eight nominations for lead actress but won with both her nods in supporting actress.

Knowing the tacky, tasteless methods of the Daytime Emmys … had Kate Collins submitted for supporting, rather than lead, actress then Academy voters would Woman looking nsa Altamahaw North Carolina nominated her there. They were at their absolute worst during the period Collins was on - vote by rote for nominations. Plenty of years, seven of the ten nominated lead actors and actresses would Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning the following year.

Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning I Look For Sex Chat

It was lazy and dishonest … and willingly out of touch. The Emmy's usually really go for actors duel roles too. I remember the soap mags and viewer letters complaining that she wasn't nominated.

I don't think that's true; it was very hard for any Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning AMC actress to get a leading nomination Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning everyone Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca NewMexico 88437 still wrapped up in the When Will Lucci win saga. I think only Barr, Lyman and Spencer were ever nominated in lead against Lucci.

There was nothing supporting about Kate Collins when she was on--but that probably would have been her only chance. I've never heard about her being hated except by James Kiberd who played Trevor and the feeling was mutual I've heard. I don't think they would've gone to all the trouble of bringing her back several times over the years for guest spots if that were the case. They could've gotten Robin Mattson for Janet a lot easier and who would've probably been more open to staying on for longer.

She lives in Chicago still and does theatre so I'm not sure she'd wanna relocate to LA full time to do another soap.

Her kids are grown up now, so she might be more open to the idea than in the past. I Was maybe 10 or 11 when Natalie was thrown in n the well. I wanted to comfor Trevor in his time a needs. I guess I was a slut adn an early age. Kate Collins and James Kiberd had great chemistry together. I was surprised to read later on that they hated each other and he was a big reason she left the show in I wonder when and why did they start hating each other.

I don't anymore, R Tons of people watched soaps over the years. Not a whole lot do anymore though. And there has long been ways to record something and watch it at another time. What killed All My Children, was the quality of the storylines and pushing the bug eyed knight in shining armor Ryan Lavery.

I am sorry but I could not stand him, he could not act worth a lick. I was more a David Hayward fan. All My Children went downhill inthey recaptured some magic again with Zack and Kendall. Ryan and Greenlee as a couple was overrated. They had no hot chemistry with each other, the storyline was forced and the quality of the soap went down when they tried to make Greenlee a saint. Ryan Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning was one of the main reasons I quit watching the satrday.

The actress who played Gillian voice annoyed the hell out of me. Never liked Greenlee either. Sayurday would turn in occasionally, if it looked like something good was going to Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning. But would never watch full time like I did from until the Hulu reboot which I thought was pretty good overall. R, I agree Ryan and Greenlee were overrated, it was odd seeing them in sarurday scenes.

Ryan got on my nerves when he slept with Erica Kane. A horrible actor can't have great romances with his fellow female co-stars. The only one Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning made him look better was Kendall. Greenlee had her great moments but only if it did not involved Ryan, I loved her with David Hayward and she was going to be the bitch who ruin people's lives. R, I remember reading that insider quote too. I thought Natalie and Trevor had great chemistry in the beginning but something obviously went wrong between them.

At Ladies looking hot sex Latham wedding they only hugged each other. No kiss at all. One of the tabloids reported that they hated each other. This was right before or when she left the show.

I think their might have been some blind items in the soap mags about it also. After her short returns as Natalie in the late 90s, she never had any scenes with Kiberd. She even had scenes with Harold the dog, instead of with him. It was pretty telling. Quite controversial at the time.

I think that was in Look it up on youtube. Wnana she stayed on the show, I could've seen her really rivaling Lucci as the female star of the show. I didn't care must for the last 10 or so Women seeking real sex Clymer New York of the show, but this blooper from then is hilarious. Around the late 90's they seem to got more model like women on the show. The real actresses were Eden Rigel and Alicia Minshew.

Remember when there was a different Greenlee for about a year only to be replaced by Budig when she realized she couldnt break cat movies. I wish Lyman had stayed longer.

Even though it was a while ago and a short time her Opal is still my favorite character. Hated every second of Jill Larson. I came to love Jill Larson, but her Opal was almost like a different character.

It would have been interesting to see what would have happened with Opal had Dorothy Lyman stayed in the role. I always wanted AMC to revisit their story. One Nsa discreet when i need you the many dumb moves the show made in its final death throes A great clip Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning Erica messed up on pills accepting her Woman of the Year award and proceeding to call out several people.

Many people think she should've gotten the Emmy for her work that year with Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning drug addiction storyline. I was still watching during the woman of the year high on drug speech. It was entertaining, but I remember the episode right before it where she begins to unravel -- the wine on her dress, her discovering the award was bought for her, the press learning her marriage was in trouble.

By the end she is desperately picking up pills on the bathroom floor. I am not sure if they got new writers around this time, because once those storylines ended the show started to flounder. There would still some good plots, but it started to lose its way. I think the show panicked when Days skyrocketed with the possession story and tried Housewives wants real sex Urbanna be things it was not losing its identity, The arrival of Frons did not help.

I love this episode where Erica is terrified of Travis becoming potentially interested in Natalie so she schemes to bring Natalie back together with Jeremy. How low did the ratings go for daytime tv before AMC got the axe?

Are the replacement shows doing any better? There were so many cold and unsavory types on OLTL. There's something so grossly urban about Llanview, you could almost smell the pollution and dilapidation. In contrast, AMC gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, almost like an arcadian idyll had been preserved in the verdant heartland of America.

R, that was Nina 3. Remember Nina 2 was a redhead I believe who looked nothing like Taylor Miller. She was involved in one of their worst storylines where Nina had amnesia and she fell in love with Benny.

After amnesia, she thought she was still in love with Benny but they quickly dropped that storyline because it was so ridiculous. R AMC started losing its way about It had some good periods after that, Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning never recovered fully.

R Glad I'm not only one who feels that way about Sleestack and Viki. OLTL went off Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning rails sooner. It seemed to lose its core. During the soap heydey in the early 80s to early 90s I was equally addicted. Add in Loving too I know Loving gets shit on but I really enjoyed it. I've never seen more of a reaction to a soap character than what me and my soap friends had to real Opal.

It was just so over the fucking top we couldn't get enough of her. Kate Collins and Robin Christopher were so great in that clip at r, even though neither was doing anything 'big' They were my favorites in that AMC era. Both just had a unique 'something'.

Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning I Seeking For A Man

I hate that AMC never brought Skye back for scenes with Myrtle after it was determined Skye was really her granddaughter. I could see Tuis Christopher in Julianne Moore's place, she had it to become big movie star. Kate too, if she'd wanted it. Heck, I was upstairs polishing my skis, and when I came downstairs, there was no downstairs! She was getting some TV guest starring stuff.

Good Morning Text Messages For Friends, Family, Him and Her

If she hung in there a little longer, she may have gotten a regular role on a primetime show. Looking at that clip at R -- they sure swung and missed on anf Eric Kane character. The actor was pretty forgettable, and once they got through the contrived clown portion of his story - they really did not know what to do with him. They got rid of him relatively quickly and once he was gone he was gone.

Jeremy was not exactly the greatest actor and I thought his character worked less and less as he got older. I am surprised they broke him and Natalie up so quickly.

She wanted him for years and I think their marriage was short even for soap terms -- and once it was over they did not do the hints of reconciliation. Once it was over - it was over.

I know not everyone is a Lucci fan - Adult friendly women in South Lake Tahoe s c she did know her character.

Lyman's interpretation of that role was so interesting: There's something so Dickensian about her, like AMC's female Fagin sending her innocent uneducated kid out to work.

Does anyone else remember the budding romance they had with Julie Chandler both Stephanie Winters and Lauren Holly and some "bad boy" with dark hair. I don't remember the actor's name but it was an interesting storyline because the young actor had sort of a cocky Chad Michael Murray way about him and it was so much more interesting than with Charlie. The students at PVH called Sweet wives wants sex tonight Bowman "Madonna and Sean" and you'd think the writers themselves could see the possibilities but it was quickly dropped.

I liked reading best and worst issues and agreeing with the opinions, reading about the behind the scenes creative folks. Julie and Charlie were annoying Lauren Holly was already in the role when I started watching. Julie was so whiny and the should I lose virginity storylines got old. I always wondered if Nico and Cecily were supposed to be endgame. I initially thought she Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning supposed to be a temporary roadblock for Nico and Julie getting back together, and wondered if they changed course when Cecily and Nico took off and became popular, or if they paired them because Holly decided to leave.

It is possible that was always the plan, but when Julie and Nico Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning broke up I was not under the impression it was over and they really did not know what to do with Julie after that besides have her crush on Aunt Erica's boyfriend.

Maurice Benard was hot when he played Nico. I know he hated on here though with some good reason for a being a big reason GH became so bad. I always thought Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning was a missed opportunity that AMC never brought back the character Bbw mature 35957 Julie. She never returned after leaving for law school. She was related to the Cortlandts, the Chandlers, and the Kanes.

Instead, they brought on Jamie Luner as the new, sexy lawyer in town, and called her Liza Colby, Adult wants sex McCrory had somehow gone to law school after being in broadcasting for 20 years. Luner was good, but she sure as hell wasn't playing Liza Colby. Sometimes I just pretended she was playing Julie.

I remember when Pratt brought on Luner, he gave an interview of how great she Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning and basically insulted the rest of the cast by implying she was in a different league than them.

Luner could have been interesting as another character, but she was so wrong as Liza - age, looks, personality etc. She looked more of a contemporary of Tad, Angie, Jesse. There was so much history there, but Jamie Luner just looked way too young to pull it off.

She was about a decade too young for the role, but I would have loved to have seen Kate Collins' take on Victoria Lord. She exuded that East Coast blue blood daughter of privilege quality integral to the character and yet, unlike Sleestack, she was sexy.

Soap Opera Digest, the arbiter of such things, recently noted that All My Children's Natalie, played by Kate Collins, 27, is "fast becoming one of the most interesting characters on daytime. Run-of-the-mill soap vixens rarely last. As their one-dimensional personalities burn out, the shrews are either killed off or, like Lucci's Erica, redeemed. But thanks to Collins, appetite for Natalie hasn't dulled. A witty, intelligent actress, Collins has struggled to give Natalie—what's the word, Mr.

When Collins Housewives wants real sex Lake George on the show, most of the letters she got warned: No relation to Joan Collins, Kate does have famous kin. Her father is former astronaut Michael Collins, who piloted Apollo 11's command module to the moon with Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin in Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning I served them coffee with all the good silver and demitasse [cups].

Mom got a real kick out of that. His stagestruck daughter, the oldest of three kids, was playing love-starved Blanche DuBois. He said he was going up there and throw his coat over her. That was the first time I had to separate the real Kate from the stage Kate. After graduating from Northwestern University in as a drama major, Kate moved to New York, where she got Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning share of rejections from theater and TV producers. To pay the rent she worked as a sales rep for a clothing manufacturer and as a free-lance secretary.

The breaks came inwhen she was cast in Broadway's Doubles and hired by All My Children during Nude girls 48422 play's seven-month run.

Big Tit Women In Penelope

Well, what I really said was that anybody Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning want to go to bed with her. She stopped taking secretarial jobs only three months ago. Unlike brash, lavish Natalie, Kate is a shy, sometimes self-deprecating woman with simple tastes.

She wears mroning boots and jeans, and likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and frozen lasagna. Home is a one-bedroom apartment in a fourth-floor walk-up on New York's West Side.

On one wall are photos of family and friends. With her hour daily work schedule, she says, "all I do is go home. If I'm lucky I might cook, have a glass of Overweight rich women looking for fun 62010 and read my script.

And don't expect Collins to start trashing the nefarious Natalie. I see her as being, well, terribly misguided. I mean, she does do nice things. Let me think of one.

Adult Looking Real Sex Louisville Tennessee

Um, give me a minute, okay? I tuned back into the show to check out Luner who I like as Liza. She was so not Liza, she would been saurday better as Julie or any other character really.

She did add much much need spice to the show however. I sort of felt sorry for Luner. She was awfully good as an aging vixen, but the character as written was so NOT Liza that it just didn't work. It didn't Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning matter though Though AMC was my favorite they began to lose me with all of their stupid recasts. They should have learned from exploding Jenny that the soap world would go on if morming died or just left town.

Their recasts just really started to kill the show. AMC had a lot of great years; people dismiss Kelly Ripa Old horny grannies from Longview a pretty bubbly blond, but she delivered the dramatic goods. I loved Kelly Ripa as Hayley.

Vagina Of Ivy Polson Montana

She's a better actress than some give her credit for. I wish someone would put that storyline up on youtube. They really made a mistake not keeping the wonderful Olivia Birkelund around for longer. Hayley could be annoying, but Ripa did a good job especially as he gained experience. While Janet Green and Natalie in the well definitely contributed to the ratings rise, Hayley's teen romance with Brian and her interactions with new father Adam - who then blackmailed Erica into marriage to help deal with her - also contributed as well as Will Courtland's demise and satudray introduction of the mysterious Wildwind.

Oliva Birkelund was excellent, and it is too bad they did not keep Genzel's Skye around for the sibling rivalry. While eary had good chemistry with Mateo, the future Mr. Ripa, I think they settled her down and domesticated her too quickly. Adam Chandler's daughter should Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning have just tending bar and satisfied with just hanging out with her boring husband. I'd only heard good things about Ripa from her time on AMC.

I never did care much for Mateo or Mark Consuelos. I liked Haley with Brian Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning had a crush earrly Matt Borlenghi. If I remember correctly, Mateo was not bad when he was a supporting character -- Maria's younger brother and Hayley's boyfriend.

Once he and Hayley were considered a more untouchable couple and he was bumped Horny girls in Frankfurt am main ms from the younger group to more of an adult lead, his character became more overbearing and self-rightous. Lots of men of various ages have watched soaps over the years and not just ones that post here.

I watched some regularly from when I was about 11 until my late teens.

I'm almost 37 now. Haven't watched one since the Hulu AMC reboot in They do in college - or at least the did in the late 80's - which is when I probably did my most regular watching.

The Black Football Roommate and Gf Ch. 01 - Interracial Love -

I remember reading an article at one time that a lot of pro jocks watched because they were at home during the day you did not have all of the other options at the time. I probably watched AMC from college through my 20's and then off and on for a few more years. Now I don't think many people of either gender are watching.

If you look at most of the soap threads it is more people reminiscing. I don't know who Sex no strings Carson City pa bigger queen wasWallingford or Cortlandt? Langley seemed more fabulous and closeted but Palmer seemed more repressed and self loathing.

No matter they were two iconic characters. Glad to know that Langley Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning getting it on in his dressing room. He was the original Missy Reeves from Days!

Who got caught blowing ir fucking her co-star in his dressing room by her husband! I hope Langley didn't get caught by his real life hubby There were two actresses that Horny womens want sex cam Raquel, Mateo's baby's mama.

Which one was it? The first one I remember was a terrible actress. Not that this excuses the affair - but the second Raquel was beautiful. It probably would have served benefited Ripa if Hayley and Mateo would have broken up at that point - it could have given her more storyline options than being the dutiful wife. I love how Ruth Warrick appears playing her Phoebe persona and totally throws Julia Adult want sex Sprague by referring to her as 'Brooke' throughout the whole show.

And Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning, Oprah, her daughter is like MY little granddaughter My friend's dad was a limo driver for some of the actors including James Kiberd. Hollyoaks star Kirsty-Leigh Porter reveals her baby girl was stillborn and says she has 'never felt pain Fat pill which tricks the brain into thinking it is full is going to be tested on humans - and it could be Is this the end of FOMO?

Millennials admit they cancel plans to embrace the Joy Of Missing Out - and spend Britain's most famous orangutan Vicky who made medical history and delighted millions with her toothy smile May welcomes 'serious' Plan C from Tory Brexiteers and Remainers that extends transition period to but Boy, 16, becomes the sixth teenager arrested on suspicion of manslaughter over death of year-old reveller Tesla driver is caught on camera sleeping behind the wheel while driving on Autopilot down a Las Vegas Part-time model, 22, faces double murder trial after her daughters aged three and 16 months died in separate Liverpool fan tells Hillsborough trial of 'guilt at seeing supporter go blue in the face and die next to him What schoolgirl, 13, told her teachers two years before she Stunning digital reconstruction reveals the face of a French soldier, 27, before he received a vicious wound Turning the tide on trash: Amazing pictures show how group of volunteers spent three days clearing Ladies seeking casual sex New London NSB Black and gay Empire star Jussie Smollett in hospital in Chicago after 'premeditated' hate attack by two MAGA supporters in ski-masks who 'placed a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him' 'Gypsy' on the run: Mayor of Sicilian town that is desperate for new blood shows the houses - in need of some TLC - that could be yours Deadliest freeze in Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning generation has million people across U.

Watch out for Whiteout Wednesday! Roads, rail and Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning travel chaos fears as Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning warning is brought Sunderland academy physio Peter Howey arrested on suspicion of grooming player under age of 16 What IS the mysterious 'empty trash bag' orbiting Earth? Astronomers Naughty looking casual sex Winona strange lightweight object Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov handed lengthy bans and heavy fines following post-UFC fight brawl 'Murdered' girl, 16, 'was found hanged in derelict building by a family member' 20 minutes after she was Brit Laura Plummer - who spent 14 months in Egyptian jail for Canadian landscaper, 67, admits murdering eight men he met in Toronto's Gay Village and burying their Somalia is named as the worst, with Denmark considered the Staffies are named British dogs of the year in show hosted by Ben Fogle — a day after he leapt to their Two teenagers are arrested on suspicion of murder after man was stabbed to death in London street Apple's revenue and profits decline for the first time in over a Alberta girls looking for sex as Tim Cook blames China and slow Hair to the throne!

Kate reveals that nine-month-old Louis is 'already a fast crawler' during a visit Tempe porn blonde Dundee Fiona Onasanya's angry constituents call for her to quit as MP How Jeremy Corbyn gave ringing endorsement to jailed EasyJet flight is forced to make emergency landing after aggressive and 'drunk' passenger 'snaps his iPhone Andy Murray sends Twitter into a frenzy by unwittingly revealing Anyone up early and wanna chat this saturday morning 'twig Glamour pusses need not apply!

Matchmaker who teaches women how to bag billionaires claims her rich clients Hollyoaks star Kirsty-Leigh Porter reveals her baby girl was stillborn and says she has 'never felt pain Fat pill which tricks the brain into thinking it is full is going to be tested on humans - and it could be Is this the end of FOMO?

Millennials admit they cancel plans to embrace the Joy Of Missing Out - and spend Britain's most famous orangutan Vicky who made medical history and delighted millions with her toothy smile